White sneakers: kisses or butterflies?


hich of these beautiful little girl sneakers Ninette en Fleur from the new 2017 Spring Summer 2017 collection do you prefer? Kisses or butterflies? We just can not choose..

Kisses or butterflies on white sneakers?

To characterize the first model you see in the pictures, we chose red lips with strass-rimmed contours, for the second some embroidered butterflies with the wings embellished by brilliant crystals. In both cases, the stylish accessories are applied on a blue or red glittered craquelé leather pavé insert, the same decorative element that is also recalled on the ankle. As you may have already realized, these sneakers are white in color and of course, in Ninette en Fleur’s best tradition, they can only be made in soft leather with a rubber bottom. If you like ’em, please share this article!